Shooting Activities at Lajitas Golf Resort & Spa


5 Stand Sporting ClaysDuring a recent stay at one of our favorite Texas resorts - Lajitas Golf Resort & Spa - we had a blast enjoying some of the shooting activities at the Resort. If you're heading to the wild west in Texas you need to try at least one of the three shooting activities at Lajitas! You can choose from:

  • Five Stand Sporting Clays - you'll get five shots from each of the five stands at the sporting clays with either a 12 gauge or 20 gauge shotgun
  • Cowboy Action Shoot - walk through an old west town shooting targets with a revolver, lever action rifle and a 12-guage shotgun
  • Combat Course - a simulated run through what soldiers would do in an active combat environment - acquiring and firing at targets from different locations using three different weapons

The wife and I signed up for a combo shooting package that included the Cowboy Action Shoot and the Combat Course. We met our guide and instructor Quinton, who resembles and acts like a wild west cowboy with manners, in the lobby, piled in his SUV, and 5 minutes later we were at Stargazer Springs. Quinton is also the wrangler at the horse stables and he has a real passion for his horses and the tours.

Stargazer Springs is a recreated Cowboy town complete with a saloon, the Badlands Hotel, a graveyard, a hanging stand, and three other structures from which we were going to shoot some targets.

Shooting at Lajitas Cowboy ActionCowboy Action  Shooting RangeSaloon at Lajitas shooting range

After a brief safety lesson we took turns shooting the .38 caliber single-action revolver from a couple different shooting locations. Each location has several metal targets set at ranges of 25 to 75 feet. I was shocked and proud of myself when Quinton said I hit 5 out of 6 of the closest targets. Of course I had lots of training in the Army and military school. Some of that pride was lost when the wife, who has never shot a pistol nailed all six targets. Then we took the .38 caliber lever action rifle and I was 6 of 6 - match that wifie! That was followed with 6 shots each using a replica of a 12-guage side-by-side shotgun that was used to guard stagecoaches.

Quinton and  instructionsWifie shooting the pistol Shooting the rifle at Lajitas

We moved from building to building blasting targets at various ranges. My favorite was the Saloon where I walked confidently and cocky through the swinging doors and nailed six targets - after that I looked around waiting for the bartender to bring me a drink.

Following the Cowboy Action Shoot we drove less than a mile over to the Combat Course. Quinton gave us some instructions for the Combat Course - "walk or run (to get your heart pumping and the adrenaline flowing) from station to station shooting at targets at various ranges using a combination of an AR-15, a 9mm Glock, and a 12 gauge assault shotgun." The course was designed by Qunton who spent a year in Iraq. The wife beat me with the Glock, but I kicked butt with the AR-15 and nailed the pop-up target after kicking down a door! My heart was pumping when I ran to the next station to nail some more targets. We each ran the course 3 times using all three weapons!

Combat courseCombat CourseCombat course

What a lot of fun for both experienced shooters and those who have never shot a weapon. Kids 10 and up can shoot at the Cowboy Actions stands and kids 13 and up will love the Combat Course.

Our thanks to Quinton for showing us a great time. But where is my sharpshooter medal for nailing 6 out 6 twice!

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