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Texas Outside is an outstanding site with tons of valuable content on outdoor activities like camping, golfing, boating, hiking, biking, and more. I really like the golf, camping, and boating reviews, their Google golf maps, and "Thank God for Weekends"

I've been reading your newsletter for a couple of years now and always enjoy your reviews of RV parks, and we usually always go to a park that you've reviewed. Keep writing.  You are a wonderful resource!

I just wanted to thank you for taking the time to post so much information.. I find it hard to believe you get to go to all the places you do.. I am especially jealous of all the golf courses you get to play!! Just wanted to let you know that I always review your site and have passed it along many time to my friends. Thanks again for all the time you put into this.

The best site I have found for golf and golf resorts in the State of Texas. This section is rich in content and so easy to navigate. In just two clicks you are into anything and everything you could possibly want to know or find about golf in Texas. I have added Texas Outside to my favorites, since I am constantly refering to it for new golf courses to play. I have told my golfing friends about this website and they were ecstatic when they used it. This also, by the way , has become their personal site of choice.

My go-to place for things to do - all under one roof. Excellent! Once again excellent!

I like being able to go to a single website that provides me with everything I could ever want to know about outdoor activities in Texas. This is the most complete package I have run across. They don't miss a golf course, camp site, park or activity that involves the outdoors. And, I don't have to go to another mapping site to get clear directions. is a terrific website that is full of interesting information. I have stumbled into this site in the past and managed to stay for very long periods of time. I particularly appreciate the reviews of Parks and Landmarks. There is an obvious love for the Great State of Texas and all that it offers.

Texasoutside has it all! I am a lover of all things Texas and finally there is a website that offers a comprehensive guide to fun things to do outdoors. It's obvious the owner shares my love of the outdoors and of Texas in general. I spend time giggling at the discription of the adventures taken on "Thank God for Weekends", appreciate the personal reviews & ratings, and often utilize the locators & maps. Music, sports, weddings...Texas Outside has everything you can ever imagine needing!

This is a great website that is dedicated to traveling and experiencing everything that the great state of Texas has to offer. I've looked at several other sites that are similar, but Texas Outside was much easier to navigate and find the information I was looking for. I also came up with travel destinations that I would have never thought of going to. This really is a great web-site.

If you ever wondered what to do on your weekends and don't want to drive all that far.......Texas Outside is the place to go. This site can tell you a ton of different ways to get up off the couch and experience life and Texas without spending a ton of money to do it. It doesn't matter what activity you are in to, this site has info on it!

Thanks to all of you, we truely enjoy our job and plan to continue to explore Texas looking and writing about fun things to see and do. We value your input!


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