The Rubicon Trail – A Great Off Road Adventure

Those who are passionate about overlanding or off roading will definitely appreciate the Rubicon Trail. Comprised of various different landscapes spreading over a 22-mile road, it is perfect for those looking for a little four wheel drive adventure. To learn more about overlanding check out this Overlanding Website.

Where Is the Rubicon Trail?

The Rubicon Trail is found in the historic gold rush region of California – a trail that snakes its way through several parts of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. It starts on the western side of Loon Lake and it spreads out for several miles.

Originally, the Rubicon Trail was used by Native Americans – but European travelers also discovered it somewhere around 1840. It was seen as a quick shortcut but over time, the trail was turned into a road.

Bear in mind that the Rubicon Trail is 22 miles long, so it's a good idea to make a stop at the Ice House Resort to stock up on ice, drinks, and food – because from there on, it is unlikely that you will be able to find any other place to stock up.

Rubicon Trail in California

The Rubicon Trail's “Extreme” Rating

Considering that the trailhead near Loon Lake starts at a 6,331 feet above sea level, this trail has been rated as extreme. From the starting point of the trail, it only continues to climb – and it is here where most overlanders and off roaders can experience for themselves the glorious obstacles brought upon by this trail.

You have the Little Sluice Box, the Devil’s Peak, the Cadillac Hill, and various other parts where the trail simply gets mad. For this reason, the Rubicon Trail also features a few requirements – mainly because it will push your car past its limits. There’s a reason why it has an extreme trail rating.

In essence, it is likely that there will be some damage to your vehicle – and you may also get stuck during your trip, which is why you should make the proper preparations.

Minimum Requirements For the Rubicon Trail

Lake Tahoe

When you are driving this trail, you should make preparations for everything. However, at a minimum, you should have the following:

  • Frame-mounted recovery point (or even more) on your front and rear bumper
  • Locking differential
  • Rocker guards
  • Gas tank skid plates
  • Minimum 33-inch tires with three-ply sidewalls
  • Properly sized lifting kit

Rubicon Trail Camping

When going on the Rubicon Trail, you will need at least two days to enjoy the place. The best camping spot in the area is said to be at Little Sluice, but some other popular spots include the Buck Island Lake, the Wentworth Springs, and Elis Creek. Bear in mind that you are not allowed to go off the trail and you are required to have a permit.

The Rubicon Trail is definitely a fascinating place for an off roading adventure. However, for your own comfort and safety make sure that you prepare accordingly.

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