Fun Vacations: Why You Should Visit Sri Lanka

If you’re looking for your next exciting adventure outside of Texas, then Sri Lanka should definitely be a location at the top of your list. Here are 5 reasons why you should make a stop in this South Asian country.

1. It’s Perfect for a Relaxing Retreat

Sri Lanka is home to a wealth of yoga and fitness retreats, meaning there’s always an opportunity to relax your mind and body, whether a seasoned Yogi or a beginner. As well as tailored retreats, this beautiful country also offers drop-in classes everywhere you go. Retreat experts Ultimate Fitness offer Sri Lanka as one of their idyllic fitness retreat overseas options.

Sri Lanka Fitness

2. The Amazing Wildlife

Sri Lanka offers an incredible variety of wildlife and is actually considered to be one of the top biodiversity destinations in the world. If you’re heading out to Sri Lanka and you have a passion for wildlife and animals, then you’ll want to visit one of the many great national parks in this country. There’s always the opportunity to spot leopards, peacocks, monkeys and Asian elephants, to name only a few.

Elephants in Sri Lanka

3. The Delicious Food and Produce

Foodies rejoice because Sri Lanka has it all. If you’re a big fan of spices and exotic flavors, then you’ll delight in the menus this country has to offer. As you would expect due to its neighbor, India, Sri Lanka has a range of bright and wholesome curries, as well as other delicious options including rice and noodle dishes, tasty fresh seafood taken directly from the Indian Ocean, as well as an array of healthy options such as tropical fruit. These foods aren’t only delicious, but the array of bright colors mean they’re also amazing to behold.

delicious Sri Lanka Cuisine

4. The Incredible Cultural and Sight-Seeing Opportunities

No vacation is complete without exploring the sights and learning something significant about your chosen country’s culture. Sri Lanka has a boon of sights to see, no matter your preference, whether it’s gentle walks along the coast or the chance to see some impressive architecture.

Sri Lanka is home to 8 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, meaning you’ll have plenty of choice when it comes to learning more about this country’s culture. Sri Lanka’s heritage and culture includes a background of Dutch, Portuguese and British colonies.

This country also plays host to a variety of festivals throughout the year, focusing mainly on religion. Even if you’re not religious, these colorful festivals are experiences not to be missed.

Sri Lanka Culture

5. The Tropical Climate

 If glorious sunshine and a blue sky is what you’re seeking, then Sri Lanka most certainly delivers. The fact that it is a tropical country means you can expect the best of blissful weather for the majority of the year.

The only time that this changes is during monsoon season, when you can expect to find humidity and rain during Sri Lanka’s summer months. As long as you plan ahead, there’s no reason you can’t enjoy whatever weather this beautiful country has to offer.

Sri Lanka Weather

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