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When was the last time you watched a war movie and said "wouldn't it be cool to drive and shoot a Sherman Tank?" Well now you can drive a tank in Texas and live your dream or check off another item on your bucket list!

Tank Driving in Texas

Ox Ranch in Uvalde, Texas


Driving a tank at Ox Hunting Ranch


Driving a tank at Ox Ranch

The World's Premier Living Military History Adventure

You're invited to experience something that you cannot do anywhere else in the world. Step back in time and re-live history through the most iconic vehicles of the 2nd World War all the way thru the Cold War.  You will be the one that actually drives these historic military tanks and vehicles.  Not only can you drive these rare tanks, but you can actually shoot them!  No, not in a video game or simulated environment.  You can actually shoot a live round from a tank!  Yes, an actual live tank!!!  You can also choose to fire some very historic and rare anti-tank guns, artillery, and machine guns, as part of what we like to call our living museum.

Imagine yourself driving our WWII Sherman Tank through our specially developed tank course that meanders its way around some of the most picturesque scenery that the Texas Hill Country has to offer.  You will negotiate the challenging war zone course with anti-tank obstacles, drop offs, and a crystal clear spring fed creek fording, in the middle of an amazing 18,000-acre exotic game ranch called Ox Ranch.  Maneuver your way to our scenic tank range, where you will unleash the concussive power of the Sherman’s 76mm main gun as it hurls its 14-pound projectile down range, just as it would have done on the European battlefields of WWII.  If that’s not enough of being a part of a living history adventure, you can then defend your position from the top of the Sherman and experience what the M2 .50 caliber machine gun felt like for War Daddy, as he attempted to hold off an advancing Nazi SS Battalion, in the block buster movie Fury.  This is just one of many live driving and shooting scenarios that you could find yourself experiencing. Why just read about or simply look through glass in a stuffy museum at military history, when you can actually Live It! is pleased to inform you that we have added some new and very historic tanks and artillery to our collection that you can now shoot and drive!  The first is the WW2 German Pak-40 7.5cm anti-tank gun.  This gun was one of the most devastating weapons that the Allies faced in WW2.  It is the only one shooting in the world, and you can shoot it.  Our Russian T34/85 is in its final completion stages and is now ready for bookings.  Our T-34/85 also has a live main gun that you can shoot.  NOWHERE else can you fire actual tanks and actual main guns with real tank rounds!  One of our newest and most popular weapons is the M9 Flame Thrower.  See firsthand the devastating effects of its flame and you will understand why it is now against the Geneva Convention.  See all our tanks, vehicles, and guns that you can fire and operate at 


Firing a cannon at Ox RanchFiring a tank at Ox Ranch in TexasFlamethrower at Ox Ranch

Hico, Texas

Minitank Battlefield

Imagine this - you put on your helmet and protective gear, jump in a tank, and head out to one of three battlefields (Fury, Vietnam, and Battle of the Bulge) on 66 acres to defeat your opponents by splattering them with paintballs! Most likely, your opponents are your best friends, family, relatives, or business associates! Your goal is to plaster their tanks with paintballs while trying not to get hit with a paintball from an enemy tank. You can enjoy this fun event on the only tank paintball field in Texas.

If you don't want to drive a tank, you can drive an ATV with a paintball gun mounted on the front of it. There is also a driving course with static targets for you to try and plaster with paintballs.

Minitank Battlefield is a perfect place for Group Events, Corporate Team Building, Fire & Police Department Challenges, Family Reunions, Bachelor & Bachelorette Parties, or Birthday Parties.

Age restrictions apply.

Minitank BattlefieldMinitank BattlefieldMinitank Battlefield



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