Indoor Skydiving with iFly in Frisco

iFly in FriscoWhile we were in Dallas looking for some fun activities for us and the grandkids, we discovered indoor skydiving at iFLY in Frisco and had to check it out. What is indoor skydiving? The answer according to the leader in indoor skydiving, iFLY, is, "Indoor skydiving is the simulation of true free fall conditions in a vertical wind tunnel. Its where the dream of flight becomes a reality."

And how does it work, you ask? The concept is relatively simple, in the case of iFLY in Frisco:

  • four electric 500 horsepower engines sit near the top of a three-story building to circulate air down the sides of the building and along the bottom to an inlet in the center of the building
  • the inlet reduces the space the air can travel in which compresses and speeds the air up through a 45' tall and 14' wide tunnel where it can reach controllable speeds of up to 185 miles an hour
  • suited up skydivers await their turn to step into the tunnel to simulate the thrill of skydiving

We (my daughter, my wife, seven-year-old grandson, and 10-year-old granddaughter) arrived right on time for our flight, signed a waiver, and marched upstairs to meet our instructor. I thought I noticed a couple shaky legs and some nervous looks on the grandkids. We were warmly greeting by our instructor, Nolan, and my first protective dad and grandparent question was, "Nolan is this your first flight?" He smiled, patted me on the back and said they are in good hands - "I survived 1100 skydiving jumps and, in fact, was part of a world record setting formation flight for several years."

OK, that's good enough for me, take them flying.

Flight instructionReady to flyFirst step is to get some flight instruction by watching a short video and having Nolan show them the proper flight position and his hand signals to help them maintain the correct posture during their flight. I think the shaking legs increased in speed a little bit! Next, Nolan got them fitted with a helmet, ear plugs, goggles, and flight suit and then marched them into the perimeter of the tunnel to wait their turn.

I think I saw nervous, but excited, smiles and I got three thumbs up. Ready to go! At the open door entrance to the tunnel, Nolan tested the wind speed with his hand and called for my grandson to step into the door and lean in. To my surprise he immediately got into his flight position and was suspended in air. And he had the biggest grin on his face I've ever seen! With some occasional help from Nolan (a hand signal to help get him in the proper position or to keep his chin up or a quick grab of the back of his suit to get him stable) my grandson was soon flying on his own and having a blast.

Awaiting their turna great flighton his own at iFly

great positioningMy daughter at iFlyAfter 60 seconds of flight, Nolan helped him through the door and signaled for my granddaughter to come give it a try. She and my daughter both did great. Their first flight was 60 seconds of sheer fun, which doesn't seem like much to an observer but seems pretty long to the flyer. In fact, when you skydive from an airplane, your free flight time is only 45 seconds.

After all three had experienced indoor skydiving, they got to try it again. But this time after a few seconds on their own, Nolan grabbed them, got into a flying position while holding on to them, and took them flying - wow. He flew them in circles, up close to the top of the tunnel, and then came zooming back down. After flying with each of them he then showed us some of his skydiving flying in a vertical position, doing some rolls, flying up and down like a bullet, flips, and more - very impressive. And then he awarded the grandkids their iFLY certificate.

flying with Nolan at iFlyNolan flying upside downThey graduated

iFLY is suitable and fun for everyone from 3 to 103 and no experience is needed for you to have some fun skydiving. iFLY offers several packages for additional learning flights, for corporate events or birthday parties, or for professional skydivers to improve their skills. You've got to try this at least once. iFLY also has skydiving locations in Ft Worth, Austin, San Antonio, and two locations in Houston. What are you waiting for, call and book a flight. You'll love it!

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