Texas ATV and Jeep Tours and Rentals

To really enjoy Texas you need to get off road and here are some ATV and Jeep tour and rental companies to help you do that. Off road ATV and Jeep tours and rentals give you an opportunity to see some stunning panoramic vistas, explore ghost towns, cruise through through the piney woods, cruise up and down the hills of Texas, learn about geologic history, plants, animals and ecology of Texas.

Texas ATV and Off Road Parks Page

West Texas ATV & Jeep Tours & Rentals

Ten Bits Ranch

Ten Bits Ranch Website

Terlingua, Texas

Ten Bits Ranch offers ATV rentals and lots of unique and interesting landscape to ride on. Some of the things you will see during the tours include: Big Bend's geologic history, plants, animals and ecology of the Chihuahuan Desert; Terlingua Ghost town; rugged and scenic badlands in Texas; a sacred rock-art site with dozens of ancient and mysterious Native American carvings and paintings; historic homesteads, panoramic vistas, geologic wonders, desert badlands and the famous Rio Grande; or lots more.

Tour with Big Bend Expeditions

Davis Mountain Jeep Tours


Fort Davis, Texas

See majestic Texas mountain scenery, native plants, birds and wildlife in a fully customized 4x4 touring Jeep. The H.E. Sproul Ranch, which was recognized in 1986 as the first ranch in Jeff Davis County to be continuously family owned and operated for 100 years, is part of the historic Ranch. The Ranch is a working cattle ranch and also practices a wildlife management program.

They offer daily 2 1/2 hour tours morning and afternoon, or they can create a custom tour with a picnic or fishing. Reservations are required.

Davis Mountain Jeep Tour

North Texas ATV & Jeep Tours & Rentals

Wet & Wild Rentals




What a great way to explore the outdoors without having to spend a ton of money than on an ATV's. The fully automatic, Yamaha grizzly four wheelers have the racks front and back. Also for rent are UTV all terrain vehicle for climbing hills or having fun in the mud.
Wet & Wild Rentals

Panhandle Texas ATV & Jeep Tours & Rentals

Elkins Ranch


Canyon, Texas

Discover Palo Duro Canyon with fun and informative guides who will take you on a journey through history and heritage with discussions of fauna, flora, geography and geology. Enjoy fascinating folklores, tales, and legends about famous lawmen and outlaws. You will be enjoying your tour in comfortable, customized vehicles equipped for canyon terrain.
Touring in Palo Duro Canyon

Central Texas ATV & Jeep Tours & Rentals

Crawler Adventure Tours


Marble Falls

Enjoy a 3 hour tour that takes you down creek beds, up limestone shelves, and through the Texas brush at Hidden Falls Adventure Park in a modified Jones Jeep that can handle the toughest trails in Texas.
Crawler Adventure Tours

ATV 4X4 Adventure Rentals



They rent the best and they then deliver them to the ATV park where you want to ride in the areas that you thought you would never expect to go!
ATV 4x4 Adventure Rentals



Offroad Jeep & ATV Tours

Far Flug Outdoor Center ATV Tour

Terlingua, Tx

We had a blast ridding ATV's from Far Flung Outdoor Center. The mountain and dessert scenery was impressive as we rode up and down some hills, through some gullies and arroyos, and across some desert terrain. Read about our ATV tour in Terlingua with Far Flung.
ATVs from Far Flung

Ox Ranch ATV Tour

Uvalde, Tx

Wow, what an exciting and scenic ATV tour we took during a stay at the 18,000 acre Ox Ranch. We rode on some smooth dirt roads as well as over rough and rocky terrain, across creeks, and up and down some steep hills plus we climbed into a cave and during our ride we saw more wildlife (giraffes, deer, elk, lots of exotics, zebra, and more) than we've seen on wildlife safari tours. Incredible! Read about our adventurous ATV Tour on Ox Ranch.
Ox Ranch ATV tour

Angel Fire Excursions

Angel Fire, NM

During a fun filled summer vacation to northern New Mexico, we had a scenic and exhilarating ATV tour up and down a bumpy National Forest Trail with stunning scenic vistas. Read about our Angel Fire ATV Tour.
Angel Fire  ATV Tour

Big Ben Offroad Tour

Terrilingua, TX

Wow, if you go to the Big Bend area you need to get off the main road, slow down, and enjoy the beautiful and unique scenery and terrain that you won't see anywhere else. Read about our offroad tour in Big Bend.
Big Bend Offroad tour

California Overland Tours

Anza Borrego Desert, CA

Read about our fun tour with California Overland Tours - what a great way to explore the desert! Anza Borrego Desert is amazing and a fantastic place to spend time hiking, biking, golfing, and more.
Anza Borrego Desert

Red River Offroad

Red River, NM

We loved Red River New Mexico - what a great place for a family vacation!! And during our stay we rented a mule (not the stubborn 4 legged one with big ears and tail) and had a fun ride up and down the mountains - here is a link to our Red River Offroad Trip.
Red River Offroad trip

Pink Jeep Tours

Sedona, AZ

The Jeeps may be pink, but the tour is fun, scenic, and at times a little hairy! Here is a link to our off road tour with Pink Jeep Tours. The also offer a discount coupon on a tour for Texas Outside Visitors.
Pink Jeep Tours in Sedona

Telluride Outside

Telluride, CO

We had a very scenic and enjoyable ATV tour in Telluride on some National Forest Land backroads during a outstanding trip to Telluride.
Telluride ATV tour

Telluride Outfitters

Telluride, CO

Telluride Outside (love the name!) took us on an exciting, informative, and very scenic offroad jeep tour to the top of Imogene Pass at over 13,000'!
Jeep tour up to Imogene Pass



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