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Texas caves and caverns abound with natural delights and there are at least 9000 Texas caves, caverns, sinkholes,Texas Caveand springs which cover about 20% of Texas.  Some facts about caves in Texas:

  • Over 103 Texas caves are longer than 900 feet and Honey Creek, which is still being explored, is the longest at 20 miles
  • Powell’s Cave System, which is a complex of three caves in Menard County, is 13 miles long and still being mapped by cavers
  • Sorcerer’s Cave in Terrell County is the deepest cave at 558 feet and 104 caves are deeper than 99 feet
  • Fern Cave (Val Verde County) is estimated to be around 10 million cubic feet in volume
  • 100 million Mexican free-tail bats live in two dozen Texas caves and they consume 6000 to 18,000 metric tons of insects a year in Texas (good job boys, keep it up!)

We've set a goal to take a tour of all of the major caverns in Texas, the ones we have enjoyed and written an article about our tour and experience include:

Texas Outside's Cave Adventures & Tours

Natural Bridge Caverns was a good tour in a very scenic cavern
A Great Caving Tour at Cave Without a Name
Unique and exhilarating caving experience at Caverns of Sonora
Cave tour at Inner Space Caverns

Texas Public Caves and Cave Tours

Bracken Bat Cave - open for nightly visitation with a reservation
Cascade Caverns - Boerne - a biologically unique cave with the Cascade Salamander and largest population of Tricolor Bats and this cave is the wettest Texas show cave and the coldest at 60 degrees year round
Cave Without A Name - Boerne - the link will take you to our fun tour of this outstanding cave
- Sonora - read about our fun adventure tour crawling, rappelling, and more  
Colorado Bend State Park offers caving tours
- Georgetown - our story about a cave tour
Franklin Mountain State Park allows you to explore man-made "caves" on mine hikes
Kickapoo Caverns State Natural Area also has caving tours
Longhorn Cavern - Burnet - one of the best caves in Texas
Natural Bridge Caverns - New Braunfels - fun tours, a zipline, and a ropes challenge course
Texas Cave Conservatory owns two caves which are open on Cave Day twice a year
Wonder Cave - San Marcos - locate within Wonder World Park which has several attractions
West Cave - a botanical preserve and travertine cave near Austin
- there are over 750 known caves in Williamson County, many of them accessible from Cedar Park 


Entrance to a Texas CaveFormation at Inner Space CavernsColorado Bend Cave Tour, thanks to TP&W


Texas Caving Resources

Texas Caving Information - good stuff on Texas caving, caving clubs and grottos
Texas Speleological Association website
Weatherfriend has some excellent content on the 7 commercial caves in Texas as well as some other content on caves
The Online Handbook of Texas - read-up on some information about Texas caves and sinkholes at



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