Texas Escape or Panic Room Game Locations

If you've never tried a panic or escape room game, you need to round up some friends, co-workers, or family and give it a try. A panic or escape room game works like this - you and your friends are locked in a room and you must work as a team to use elements of the room to solve a series of puzzles and find clues that will help you escape from the room within a set time limit. Escape or Panic Rooms are the real life version of some of the video escape games and the real life version is fun, thrilling, innovative, unique, challenging, and a blast. So call and reserve a time to try and escape from one of these Escape or Panic Game Rooms.

Texas Escape or Panic Room Game Locations

Austin, Dallas, & San Antonio, Houston

Austin Panic Room

You are locked up in a room for 60 minutes with your friends and family, and the only way to get out is by working together to solve the clues and puzzles hidden inside the room. Yes, there will be a ton of screaming and panicking as you are racing against the clock, but hey - that's where the fun is!  This is a new, innovative and thrilling type of fun, and it is perfect for all ages. Texas Panic Room, the original escape room game in Texas, currently has 5 different rooms, and they are changed every 8 months. With the escape rate being only 30%, are you up for the challenge?

Read about our good time trying to escape from one of the Austin Panic Rooms.


Austin Maze Rooms

Maze Rooms Austin is a unique and challenging new wave of interactive entertainment immersing you in a real life escape room game. A perfect place for team building, as you will be put in a themed room with your team for 60 minutes and rely on critical thinking and teamwork to escape the room. The only way to escape is to work together and communicate effectively. Combine your wits and brainpower to find clues, solve puzzles, and uncover the key to victory! They are a full production company specializing in high-tech gadgets and full set design, so be prepared to be transported to another world! You'll be so excited and energized afterwards that you won't be able to stop talking about it! Maze Rooms has been featured on the Ellen Show, VH1, and NPR radio. Maze Rooms Austin is perfect for big events from birthday parties to bachelorette parties to corporate events; we will make it an unforgettable experience!
To solve team-building challenges you must have critical thinking and communication. To test this escape room they offer you three choices of difficulty: easy for those new to escape rooms, medium for those with some experience, and difficult for those who are expert at escaping.

The Escape Game


The Escape Game


"Our highest priority is providing each customer with an amazing interactive experience. Our game team designs fully immersive and elaborate rooms with intricate storylines." This venue was one of the first three escape games in the US.
Can you escape this room using your deduction skills and the clues given? "We are the first and original escape game in Austin and in Texas. Our rooms, changed every six to eight months, are interactive, fun and great for all ages." Since their beginning September of 2014, 100,000 guests have visited the three Texas locations.
What makes this venue different than the other panic rooms is that you are not trapped in one room. The visitors are shown a few different rooms and they try to complete tasks within each room where they will encounter lock boxes, riddles, hidden compartments and actors with riddles, back-stories and clues to help guide participants through the puzzles.


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