Texas Flyboarding

What in the world is flyboarding? It's one of the newest extreme sports to hit Texas. A Flyboard is a small board device that attaches via a hose to a waveruner which gives the flyboard, with you strapped into a pair of boots, enough propulsion to lift you 35 feet or more above the water! You can fly through the air like superman or submerge and surf like a dolphin. You've got to try flyboarding at any of the Texas lakes listed below. Read about our fun Flyboading Experience with Aquafly.

Lake Travis Flyboarding & Rentals

Lake Travis

Lakeway Marina

Wow, what a fun experience it is to levitate above the clear waters of Lake Travis and Aquafly can teach you how to do that with one short Flyboarding lesson. At Aquafly a 1000 pounds of water will lift you out of the lake where you can amaze your friends and yourself with some dolphin dives, and flips but more likely a nose dive back into the lake on your first few tries Read about our .
Aquafly on Lake TravisFlyboarding on Lake Travis with Aquafly

Canyon Lake Flyboarding Rentals

Canyon Lake


Texas Flyboard Rentals invites you to soar into the air like a bird or swim in the ocean like a dolphin. Texas Flyboard Rentals can instruct you on basic flight maneuvers for those just wanting to fly, or how to swim like a dolphin and more advanced tricks as your experience level increases.
Texas Flyboard Rentals

Lake Grapevine, Ray Hubbard, Lewisville, and Joe Pool Flyboarding Rentals

Lake Grapevine, Ray Hubbard, Lewisville, and Joe Pool

If you are close to Lake Grapevine, Ray Hubbard, Lewisville, or Joe Pool and you like water activities that are new and very exciting, then you need to call NTX Flyboard. They will meet you at the lake, provide the equipment you need, give you some instruction, and within a few minutes you'll be flying above the lake! You can also lean how to do flips, dolphin dives, and more!

Read about our fun flight with NTX Flyboard.

Flyboard North Texas
Lake Conroe Flyboard Rentals

Lake Conroe

South Texas Flyboard, operating out of Waterpoint Marina on Lake Conroe, will teach you how to use this adrenaline pumping sport to fly like a superhero up to 45 feet out of the water or dive like a dolphin!
South Texas Flyboard


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