Possom Kingdom Reservoir
Graford, TX
Texas Outside Rating: 8.2

Acres Of Water & Miles Of Shoreline
15,888 acres and 310 miles of shoreline


Brief Overview:

Possum Kingdom is one of most scenic lakes in Texas with tall cliffs, clear blue water, beautiful homes, ok fishing, resorts, camping, lodges, and restaurants. The average depth is 37 feet with the deepest spot at 145. The lake terrain is rolling hills, lots of trees, and steep sheer bluffs to gently sloping. The lake is fairly well developed with lots of beautiful homes. It is one of our favorite Texas lakes.

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A Typical Texas Outsider Day

PK offers something for everyone. We enjoy heading over to any of the coves, dropping an anchor, and enjoying the water. Hells Gate is also one of our favorite coves - very scenic, great place to swim, and usually a lot of boats are rafted up and having a good ole time.

The south end of the lake near the dam is beautiful with sheer tall cliffs, beautiful homes, and deep water - excellent for cruising, skiing/boarding/tubing at the base of the cliffs.

The Cliffs Resort & Spa, at the south end of the lake is our favorite place to stay and we love their golf course - it's one of the most scenic, unique, and challenging courses in Texas - read our review of the Cliffs Resort & Golf Course to learn more.

It's also a must for us to boat over to The Grill restaurant at The Harbor real estate development and enjoy a drink,  appetizer, or dinner on their fantastic stone patio.

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Other Cool Things To Do:

Possum Kingdom Lake is home to a fantastic hike and bike trail that offers something for all fitness levels, beautiful scenery, and a fun hike or bike - check out this website to learn more. Brazos River Authority #6 has a nice sandy beach and picnic area.

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What To Do If No Boat:

Check out this list of Possum Kingdom Boat Rentals if you don't have a boat and you want to get out on the water to join the party at Hells Gate, ski, fish, or just drop an anchor.

Nearby Activities:

Possum Kingdom Lake is about 40 minutes north west of Fort Worth which is the best place to find lots of options for fun things to see and do. When we come to PK, we enjoy the lake and can't leave without playing golf at the Cliffs. There is a nearby putt putt and go cart track at the south end of the lake (PK Speedway) and we understand that there are some places that rent horses.

Restaurants, Bars, & Music:

There are several restaurants on or near the lake. Some of our favorites include: the Grill at the Harbor (pricey but good, great patio, and boat guest slips), Wildcatter Ranch (some of the best steaks anywhere in Texas - five miles or so from the lake), and the Chaparral Grill at the Cliffs Resort. Check the Possum Kingdom Visitors Bureau Website to find other options for restaurants.

We aren't aware of any fun bars or music venues on the lake. The patio at the Chaparral Grill at The Cliffs occasionally has live music on the patio, in fact Kasey James (2010 American Idol contest) played there several times in 2009.

The Grill at The Harbor serves great food and huge portions with good service.  The prime rib, salmon, and pasta was excellent and it doesn't get much better than enjoying a great meal on their fantastic deck. 

Wake Boarding & Skiing:

There aren't a lot of coves for skiing or boarding, but the lake twists and turns and depending on the wind, you should be able to find some good water. The south end of the lake by the dam or on the lea side of any of the cliffs should give you some smooth water.


Here is a link to some Possum Kingdom fishing guides who would love to take you to where the big ones are biting.

According to Texas Parks & Wildlife:Largemouth bass are subject to a special 16-inch minimum length. The daily bag for all species of black bass is 5 in any combination. For striped and hybrid striped bass, the minimum length is 18 inches and daily bag is 2. Other species are currently managed under statewide regulations.

The reservoir has been affected by golden alga blooms, especially in 2001 and 2003 and 2010, but it appears many species are recovering. Striped bass provide a fair fishery with good growth potential and strong fighting characteristics. The lake record is 34.19 pounds. An annual TPWD stocking program maintains the fishery. White bass are abundant and of good size. Largemouth, smallmouth, and spotted bass are found in this reservoir, though only largemouth bass are abundant at this time. The Florida largemouth strain has been stocked and helps provide trophy potential, as evidenced by the lake record of 16.02 pounds. Crappie are fair, and sunfish are present with some large individuals available for harvest. Channel, blue, and flathead catfish are all present, with some especially large blue cats.


Most of the lake shore is made of large to cobble-size rock. The lower end has scenic rock cliffs and bluffs, while the upper end spreads into shallower areas with shoreline vegetations. Points and dropoffs can be found throughout the lake. Many docks provide habitat for fish, and so do standing timber and laydowns. At certain times of the year, aquatic vegetation is also found.


Largemouth bass can be found throughout the lake and can be caught on any of the typical bass baits. Be prepared to fish 10- to 25-foot depths. In this clear water, try using as light a line as possible. Concentrate on submerged vegetation when you find it. Striped bass anglers look for birds feeding on bait driven to the surface by schools of hungry stripers. Use live shad or artificial bait. White bass action can be very good during prespawn and the spring spawning run, especially up towards the river mouth. Jigs and spoons or slabs are recommended baits. Catfish action can be good for all species. Costello Island and above are likely spots. Use cut bait, chicken livers, prepared stink bait, live shiners or sunfish. Crappie can be found around brush piles and docks. In spring, fish the backs of coves for spawning fish. Crappie will be found at different depths depending on time of year and water conditions; be prepared to search for them.

Species Poor Fair Good Excellent
Largemouth Bass
White Bass
Hybrid Striped Bass

*Courtesy of Texas Parks and Wildlife

Camping, Waterfront Lodging, and Day Use Parks

Possum Kingdom State Park is the best place to camp on the lake and the Cliffs Resort & Spa is one of our favorite resorts in Texas. Read our review of the Cliffs Resort to find out why we love this great resort and golf course. Check the Possum Kingdom Visitors Bureau Website for some other options on lodging and camping. Brazos River Authority has has several parks on the lake, some of which have campsites.

The Cliffs at Possum Kingdom Lake has great hotel rooms sitting on a 200 foot bluff overlooking the lake plus they offer golf villas and two bedroom condos.

At The Harbor, you'll find a boutique hotel with well appointed upscale rooms on a protected cove of the lake. 

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Ramps & Marinas

You can use our Possum Kingdom Map to find ramps, resorts, restaurants, and more.

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Texas Outside Lakes Rating Scale

Texas Outside rates lakes on a 1 to 10 scale based on:

  • Beauty: high scores are given for lots of trees, hills, or pretty houses
  • Water Clarity: if you’re standing in two feet of water and can’t see your toes or the water has a deep brown color, we’re talking a 1
  • Water Conditions:  rough water with waves over a foot (good for PWCs or surfing) due to consistent wind or boat wakes don’t rate high on our scale
  • Skiing & Board Conditions:  on the weekends if you can typically find a good cove or part of the lake with glass, we’re talking a 10
  • Beaches:  don’t you hate those beaches when you step into the water you sink in mud up to your knees and loose your flip-flops or it’s all slime and weeds or small rocks – if so, that’s a 1
  • Fun Scale: lakes scoring a 10 have fun restaurants and bars, great coves for raft ups or swimming, and fun rental toys
  • Cruising & Touring:  if you can cruise the lake and look at beautiful houses, nice marinas, pretty coves, or anything similar it will score high
  • Restaurants & Bars:  nothing better than cruising over and having some good food and listening to some great music on the deck of a fun restaurant – the ride back with smooth water and a fun moon is also pretty cool – we’re talking a 10
  • Safety Level: lakes with lots of wild and crazy jet skiers or fast cigarette boats will score low
  • Camping:  we’re looking for beautiful spacious sites right on the water with a nice sandy beach to swim and park the boat
  • Fishing:  the bigger the better and they have to be easy to hook


*Fishing information was provided with permission of the Texas Parks and Wildlife (www.tpwd.state.tx.us) in 2006. Texas Parks and Wildlife does not endorse Texas Outside or information presented on texasoutside.com. ©Copyright Texas Parks and Wildlife Department.

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