Woody Guthrie Music Festival 2015 - Pictures of Fans, Musicians, and More

Okemah, Oklahoma

Okemah, the birth place of Woody Guthrie and John Fullbright is a perfect host of Woody Guthrie's Music Festival.

Okemah Woody Statue in Okemah Okemah


Woody Guthrie Music Festival Fans

A lot of the Woody Guthrie Music Festival fans are older and grew up listening to Woody Guthrie music and a lot of them from the old hippy days still wear tie dye shirts, head bands, or peace symbols and have long hair and beards. But all of the fans are here for music and love of Woody Guthrie.

Woody Fest Music Fans Woody Fest Music Fans Fans

Wood Guthrie FansWood Guthrie FansWoody Fan

Woody Fest Music Fans Woody Fest Music FansWoody Fest Fans

Fans from ScotlandDancing to the music at Woody FestFans of the Woody Guthrie Festival

Woody Fest FansFans of the Woody Guthrie FestivalWoody Fest Music Fans

Musicians at Woody Fest

We typically overlook some very talented musicians who back up the so to speak "star of the show" and here are just of few of them:

Musicans at Woody Fest One of the great musiciansMusicans at Woody Fest

Playing at the Hootenanny Terry Buffalo Ware Musician from Washington

David Amranm played with several differnt bandsTerry Buffalo Ware Playing music with Ellis Paul

Woody Fest Venues

During Woody Fest you can listen to music in the four main venues (The Crystal Theater, Brick Street Basement, Pastures of Plenty, and the CIA Tent) plus the Methodist Church, Lou's Rocky Road Tavern, the Day's Inn parking lot where the performers stay, the Rodeo campground, on the sidewalks and alleys of Okemah, and even in the Hair Salon.

The Coffee CupThe Basement at Brick StreetCrystal Theater

Lou's Rocky Road Tavern

There is an open mic all day giving a wide variety of singers and musicians an opportunity to showcase their talent. Some are very good, others need some work.

Open Mic SingerLouPancake Breakfast

Open Mic at  LousLous Open mic

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