Best Texas Rivers

Here is a list of some of the best Texas Rivers for tubing, fishing, canoeing, kayaking, or swimming. Give them a try. May and September are great months for fun on the river. You need to pay close attention to stream-flow data to help you plan your camp and river trips. Texas offers plenty of choices for tubing, rafting, kayaking, or canoeing whether you are looking for a slow easy float or some exciting whitewater.

You know how much fun these popular rivers can be, but if you're looking for a river that's fun, more isolated, and scenic then check out this list of 5 somewhat secret and isolated Texas Rivers.


Texas River Name Activities Description

Frio River

Third crossing to Texas Hwy 127, Concan

Difficulty - Easy

Length - 4 miles/2 hours


Kid friendly, kayaking/canoeing, tubing, rapids, over night camping


Pure, cold water, limestone & gravel bed , cypress trees and chute like rapids describe this area. The long narrow channels are overhung with dense vegetation like a natural water park. This stretch of the river is both safe & exciting. Great for kids.

Canadian River

North River Rd, US 83 to Texas Hwy 70, near Canadian

Difficulty - Effortlesss

Length - 22 miles/1 hr minimum

Kid friendly
This river is usually too dry to be good for floating, but is great for duck hunting, ATV trails crisscrossing the riverbed, birding and spectacular scenery.

Guadalupe River

12 miles west of New Braunfels, exit 191 off Hwy 35 or FM 306 near Canyon

Difficulty - Easy

Length - 2 1/2 miles/ 1/2 to 6 hrs


Tubing, whitewater rafters, kayaking/canoeing, and fishing
This river is used for all sorts of recreational activity. Because the water is released from the bottom of the lake the water is cold and therefore is the only river in Texas that can support trout fishing year around.

San Antonio River

US 59 to Goliad State Park & Historic Site, Goliad

Difficulty - Easy

Length - 6.6 miles/2-4 hrs

Kayaking/canoeing, tubing and over night camping
Plants and animals thrive in this mild South Texas climate and the lush woodlands along the river support a large variety of bird life, including the herons, hawks, and kingfishers.

Brazos River

Texas Hwy 16 to FM 4 near Mineral Wells

Difficulty - Moderate

Length 20 miles/2-3 days

Kayaking/canoeing, tubing and overnight camping
This is a trip down the longest and most storied river which is a sparsely populated ranch land known as "Scenic North Texas Hill Country". Deep valleys cut into the rolling landscape, grass tussocks cover the sandbanks with steep wooded slopes. Try this trip in the fall.

San Marcos River

Lions Club on Austin Dr San Marcos

Difficulty - Easy

Length - 1 mile/1 hr

Swimming, snorkeling, and scuba diving, tubing, kayaking/canoeing
The crystal clear San Marcos River attracts many for its popular recreational activities in San Marcos. Spring fed, this short gem was made for floating. The river is a constant 72 degrees. There are several beautiful campgrounds downstream of San Marcos.

Trinity River

Fort Worth

Difficulty - Easy

Length - 30 miles/6-7 hours

Swimming, fishing, biking, running, tubing, picnicking, kayaking, and more
The Trinity River in Fort Worth has 58 miles of trails, tubing, kayaking, and lots more in the heart of Fort Worth

Trinity River

Access at Cedar Hill Park on Lake Charlotte Rd near Wallisville

Difficulty - Moderate

Length - 6-7 miles/4-5 hours

Experience this swampy wonderland which takes you through three ecosystems & centuries of human history.

Colorado River

Between Roy Guerrero Park on the south and the Colorado Wildlife Sanctuary on the north

Difficulty - Easy

Length - 1 mile/1-2 hours

Water sports and fishing
"Secret Beach" is a stretch of undeveloped Colorado River shoreline in Austin

Neches River

US 69 to Recreational Rd 255, near Woodville

Difficulty - Moderate

Length - 18.5 miles/2 days

Kayaking/canoeing, rapids, over night camping
You can have a relaxing 2-day trip winding through pine forests with gleaming white sandbanks and water that is the rich East Texas tea color. Two miles in, you will come to the river's only natural waterfalls.

South Llano River

South Llano River State Park to Schreiner Park, Junction

Difficulty - Easy

Length - 5 miles/2-3 hours

Kid friendly, kayaking/canoeing, tubing, over night camping
Fields of crops and cattle line the western riverbank and steep limestone hills shelter the east. In the winter, flocks of wild turkeys live in the pecan forested bottomlands and in the summer humans flock to the river.

Medina River

FM 2107, 5 miles west of TX Hwy 16, near Kerrville

Difficulty - Effortless

Length - N/A

Kid friendly, tubing, kayaking/canoeing
Great place to just take a trip to the river to cool off in. Tall cypresses line a long pool that is deep enough to swim and even snorkel.



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