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Puresol Salt Cave Spa at Tapatio Springs ResortDuring our stay at Tapatio Springs Hill Country Resort we played golf, hiked some trails up the rolling hills,and worked out in the fitness center and after two days of that I was tired and sore and ready for a massage at Puresol Salt Cave Spa which was across the yard from our room at the Resort. On our last morning we walked into the Spa and out of the cold (40 degrees with a 25 knot wind) and I was quickly ushered into a well appointed men's room (with a shower, sauna, lemon water, lockers, and restrooms) and given a nice warm robe and slippers.

Dovie at Puresol SpaWithin minutes after donning my robe, I met my masseuse (Dovie - who shook my hand with a grip that almost hurt - I'm in for a treat!) and seconds later I was flat on my tummy lying on a heated massage table covered with some warm blankets - I finally stopped shaking from the cold! And then the soothing and relaxing background music kicked in - classical music with pianos, flutes, and stringed instruments plus the sounds of nature with waves and rain. This was going to be an experience that could get addictive!

Treatment room at Puresol SpaI was about to doze off when Dovie stepped in, made sure I was comfortable, and started a heavenly 50 minute head to toe deep tissue massage. After 30 minutes or so, I was asked to roll over on my back and within seconds had a hot towel under the neck, warm cloth over the eyes, some sweet smelling something rubbed on my cheeks and then two strong hands started massaging my head, shoulders, legs, and feet. Wow - I don't want this to end. And the whole time I was smelling good - the strong menthol smell that opened my sinuses was from Deep Blue by Do Terra and a couple different body lotions and oils and body butter melts that were rubbed all over my body. I made a note to myself to stop on the way out and buy some of these oils and lotions and then hope I could convince my wife to use them on me. As Dovie worked the knots and kinks out of my body and followed that with a soothing massage I'm sure I dozed off. I tried hard to stay awake so I would enjoy the experience - I wonder if I snored? All too soon Dovie's hands left my body and she said "feel free to lie here and relax." I was so relaxed and rejuvenated that when I got off the massage table and tried to stand up, I felt like a puppet whose strings had just been cut - I was ready to crumple into a pile on floor! That was fantastic and probably the best massage experience I've ever had - I was ready to sign up for another session but we needed to move on to our next adventure.

HydroFacial at Puresol SpaMrs Texas Outside got a HydraFacial Treatment at Puresol Spa and here are her comments: "My treatment at Puresol was both relaxing and exciting. Relaxing because of the warm bed, soothing music, and the atmosphere created by Beata, who is the owner and a licensed Aesthetician for 20 years. It was exciting because of the new skin resurfacing treatment for my face. The massage that was also included and the 45 minutes in the Salt Cave added to an amazing experience." The HydraFacial is a new breakthrough in skin resurfacing technology and it "removes dead skin cells and extracts impurities while simultaneously bathing the new skin with cleaning, hydrating and moisturizing serums including Vortex-Fusion of antioxidants, peptides and hyoluronic acid" I have no idea what that means but Mrs Texas Outside loved it!

Salt Cave at PuresolAfter I regained some strength, I put the robe back on and was escorted into the Salt Cave and observed the wifie in a very relaxed state. The Salt Cave is a cave like structure with 20 tons of salt harvested from a salt mine in Poland on the floor, comfortable spa loungers, a comfortable 60 degree temperature, a cave like ceiling with pin lights, a fountain with the comforting sound of dripping water, and soothing music. "Relax, enjoy, and take a nap if you like - I'll be back to get you in 45 minutes." This time I was pretty sure I dozed off! What a refreshing experience.

Many spas across the country are similar in services, with slight variations in decor, treatments offered, and localized treatment options. And then there's Puresol Salt Cave Spa - the only spa in the country with an authentic, therapeutic salt cave where guests enter through the cave's door, relax on a spa lounger while being surrounded by soothing music, and literally emerge not only more relaxed and tension-free, but healthier as well.

The history of the Puresol Spa Salt Cave has its roots in Poland, home to the Wieliczka Salt Mine.  Visitors of the mine seek treatment in the mine's rehabilitation rooms for the treatment of respiratory illnesses, asthma, bronchitis, emphysema, heart and cardio-vascular diseases, stress reduction and more.  The dream of an American-based salt cave was realized with the 2013 opening of Puresol Salt Cave Spa, whose salt cave was constructed using more than 20 tons of salt harvested from the Wieliczka Salt Mine in Poland. The climate is rich in negative ions, minerals and micro-elementary particles like sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium and many others that are naturally absorbed into the lungs as you breathe in the ion-drenched air.

In addition to the Salt Cave experience, Puresol Spa offers a wide variety of different treatments and services including body treatments like Super Greens Anti-oxidant Body Ritual to Anti-Cellulite Body Ritual; several different massage treatments including Aroma therapy Massage, Pinnacel Point Massage, the Foot Ritual, or Hot Rock Therapy; couples treatments; a variety of facial treatments some of which include Skin Fitness Facial, Microdermabrasion Facial or Micro Peel; and Spa Escapes ranging from 45 minutes to 5 hours and include a variety of treatments and services.

Super Greens Anti-oxidant Body RitualHot Rock TherapyMicro Peel

Puresol Spa also offers their own imported line of eco-certified, organic skin care products whose pure ingredients are sourced from Europe. The same salt extracted in the mine is the pillar of their salt scrubs, lotions, body butters and bath milks and all of the product fragrances are based purely on essential oils.

I'm currently looking for another excuse to get us back to Puresol Salt Cave Spa - can't wait!

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