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Bandera, population of 957, was founded in 1852 as a cypress shingle camp and was a Mormon Colony in 1854. Proud of it's reputation as the "Cowboy Capital of Texas," Bandera is surrounded by working ranches as well as guest/dude ranches. Bandera remains an authentic western town and continues to have reenacted gun fights on main street on the weekends. The town is rumored to have 16 bars and 23 churches and it's said the locals are either praying or partying. And it is a party town - with some fun and lively bars.

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    Bandera Texas Map


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    Texas Outside Favorites in Bandera Some of our favorites include: the golf course at Flying L and nearby Tapitao Spring's three nine hole courses, Old Spanish Trail for breakfast, Longhorn Saloon for music, 11th Street Cowboy bar for a funky bar and fun crowd and good music venue, and the scenic drive from Bandera to Kerrville along 470 to 187 to 39
    The Chamber has some great information on Bandera and the surrounding area
    Make sure you take some time to visit nearby Fredericksburg and enjoy all it has to offer
    Whether you're looking for an outdoor adventure or just a relaxing get-together: West 1077 Guest Ranch is the ideal location for groups traveling together.


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