Texas Indoor Golf
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Texas Indoor Golf

We understand that Texas Indoor Golf has closed! What a shame!

Texas Indoor Golf is a first for Texas and the United States -- how lucky are we to have the first one in our back yard! Texas Indoor Golf is an $8 million dollar 24,000 square foot facility that opened in May 2006. I know it's indoors, but when it's raining (never happened during the summer drought of 2006), too dang hot (40 days of over 100 degrees during the summer of 2006), too darn cold, or its dark, that's the perfect time to head over to this outstanding facility. Texas Indoor Golf is a must try facility and has a Texas Outside rating of 8 out of 10 stars.

Here are the top 5 reasons to visit Texas Indoor Golf:

  1. it's always 72 degrees at Texas Indoor Golf
  2. you don't have to fly for 12 hours to play St. Andrews Old Course
  3. you can play Pebble Beach for $40 instead of $350
  4. water hazards don't scare you because you'll never lose any of your golf balls
  5. you can play 18 holes when it's dark outside in under 3 hours

This state-of-the-art facility has everything a golfer (beginner to advanced) could want:

  • 18 holes of golf from over 64 of the best known courses in the world
  • 2000 square foot putting green
  • an excellent and well equipped retail shop
  • sophisticated swing analysis equipment
  • custom club fitting
  • an good selection of food
  • a cart lady serving cold drinks

You can reserve a tee time for any of the 16 golf course simulators and practice/instruction bays for $25 for nine or $40 for 18 on the weekends. Each bay has very high tech simulators that allow you to select one of the 64 famous golf courses like Pebble Beach, Pinehurst, Kapalua Bay, St Andrews, Cog Hill, or Torrey Pines. What's really cool is all the section criteria that you have after you have made a choice of which course to play. Don't even think about comparing this to what you see in bars or Dave and Busters -- this is way more sophisticated. For example, before you start you have a number of choices you can make, including: number of mulligans, handicaps, pin placement, green speed and hardness, wind strength and direction, and more. Even better, you can select one or multiple (up to 27) wagering games like wolf; bingo, bango, bongo; scramble; best ball; or skins. After you have made the proper selections, select a club, tee up the ball, and get ready for some fun. On every hit, you can watch the ball fly, see the distance, ball speed, carry, launch angle, lie, and distance to the pin. There is an automatic ball return and automatic tee that you can adjust the height based on club selection, or you can hit off the artificial turf. The system will keep track of each players score, the wagers, and more. And you are only a few steps away from a cold beverage, good burger, and a nice soft leather chair where you can sit back, relax, and heckle your opponent or encourage your partner. How cool is that?


Not hitting them very well, then sign up for one of the 8 bays ($45 per hour) that have the swing analysis equipment. The equipment has two high speed cameras, a weight shift analysis system, a launch monitor, and proprietary analysis software. After you hit you can play it back at slow speed for all sorts of analysis and other statistics like: total distance and carry, club speed, launch speed, smash factor, open or closed club face, and more. Bring your favorite instructor with you to help interpret the results and improve your swing and game. Texas Indoor Golf offers special programs for PGA Professionals and their students.

Make sure you warm up on the 2000 square foot putting green or have your instructor give you a putting lesson.

Texas Indoor Golf offers driving range specials ($25 an hour) with no video replay and no weight shift analysis. You can hit all the balls you like using the simulator practice function which allows you to choose driving range, approach shots, chipping, and/or putting. You can track each shot and see instant on-screen statistics measuring your high,low,average, and total distance;, carry distance; yardage and angle deviation left or right of target; launch angle; ball speed; and side-view trajectory or birds eye view of all your shots. Best of all, you're practicing in 72 degrees with a cold beer and burger.

If you're from out of town or forgot your clubs there are rentals available for $15. You can also try some top-of-the-line clubs from leading manufactures. If you like the clubs you tried, Texas Indoor Golf has everything needed to custom fit the clubs to your personal swing and game. They also have an excellent and well stocked retail store.

The Sandbaggers Grill & Restaurant has some great appetizers, salads, pizza, burgers, sandwiches, or wraps. Plus soft drinks, cold beer (bottle, draft, or pitchers) and wine. As you enjoy some good food and drink, you can watch sports on a number of TVs or the golfers in the any of the 16 bays.

Texas Indoor Golf has a number of specials, events, and promotions like: junior clinics, demo days, company and individual leagues, and a lunch and 30 minutes of play special. For corporate outings, meetings, or retreats, there is a very spacious and luxurious meeting room and lounge that pays tribute to the 1930 Grand Slam winner Bobby Jones.

Texas Indoor Golf caters to everyone from the beginner to the pro. It is perfect for a family outing -- kids, spouse, and grandparents! In fact, if you are playing with the kids or spouse, you can add or subtract a boost (from minus 40% to plus 60%) to make it more fun for all the players.

Rates vary by time, day, or weekend so always check with the pro shop. What are you waiting for, give them a call at 972 471-1403.

Texas Indoor Golf, 2040 State Highway 121 North, Grapevine, TX 76051 972 471-1403 www.texasindoorgolf.com

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