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Possum Kingdom Lake Map

Hells Gate, the party cove, at Possum Kingdom LakeUse this Possum Kingdom Lake map to find ramps, restaurants, campgrounds, nearby golf courses, lodging, and more on Possum Kingdom Lake. Possum Kingdom Lake, also known as PK, is one of the premier lakes in Texas with clear water, beautiful scenery, resorts, party coves, camping, very nice housing developments, a great golf course, hiking and biking, and good fishing. Possum Kingdom Lake is located on the Brazos River west of Fort Worth and has a capacity of over 724,000 acre feet, a surface area of 19,800 acres, and 310 miles of shoreline with towering majestic cliffs and rolling hillside.

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    Possum Kingdom Lake Map

    Beautiful scenery & clear water at Possum Kingdom LakeHell's Gate Party Cove At Possum Kingdom Lake

    Resources Guide For Possum Kingdom Lake

    Texas Outside Favorites on Possum Kingdom Lake
    Possum Kingdom State Park, The Cliffs Golf Course, south east end of the lake for scenery and skiing, PK Hike & Bike Trail, and Hell's Gate for partying
    TP&W has some good information on fishing, ramps, marinas, and more
    Read our review of Possum Kingdom Lake to understand why it is a Texas Outside Favorite and one of the best lakes in Texas
    This review of Possum Kingdom State Park will give you a good overview of the park and why we like it
    Here is a list of where you can rent a boat to enjoy the lake
    Use of of these guides to help you catch a trophy or at least some fish for dinner
    This website provides information on Possum Kingdom Lake
    Possum Kingdom Rental Property
    Find the perfect cabin, lodge, or resort to stay during your visit to Possum Kingdom Lake


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