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I don’t know about you, but after a hard week of work (actually, as soon as the week starts) I’m ready to hit the road and enjoy another weekend.   If the weekend isn’t already planned, I use Texas Outside to help us find an area to explore and enjoy a weekend adventure that involves some combination of multiple activities including: camping, biking, boating, golfing, music festivals, hiking, cruising, touring, restaurants, and more. We try to cram as many activities into the weekend as we possibly can.  Which means on Monday, it’s really hard to drag our sunburned, tired, and sore body into work!   Having done this in Texas since 1980, we have gone through four RVs, a sailboat, three ski boats, and multiple bikes, golf clubs, tennis racquets, walking sticks, and Frisbees – the good news is that we haven’t worn out or replaced the knees, elbows, or other body parts. 

Thank God For Weekends will provide you with an overview of our activities for that weekend.   You might also check out our Weekend Adventures - loaded with articles about fun weekend adventures in Texas.

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Our damaged Motor home being towedPainful RV Weekend - we started camping in 1970 out of the back of a 1967 Mustang in a two person pup tent. As we aged that type of camping, plus the addition of two kids got a little painful, so we progressed to a panel van to eliminate some of the pain of tent camping. Then over the next 34 years we progressed from a 21' RV with no slides to a 42' Diesel pusher with 3 slides. But this weekend camping in our beautiful 42' Discovery was very painful. Read the article to find out why.


River Crossing Golf CourseA Good Time in San Antonio and Spring Branch - over this fun filled weekend (ok, it was really three days) we played two very good courses, one in San Antonio and one in Spring Branch and I left several golf balls for deer and armadillos; explored the very cool Pearl Entertainment district which has re-purposed several of the old 1883 Pearl Brewery buildings; dined on some food including one of the best and biggest (feed two of us and still had leftovers!) chicken fried steaks I've ever consumed; stayed in a couple nice RV parks; listened to some country music; took a dip in the Guadalupe River; and more.

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