The Best Snorkeling Masks

An excellent snorkel mask is vital for your good day in water experience. It is, therefore, important that you get yourself the best snorkeling full face mask out there and not just any other cheap one. Since there is quite a variety of them in store, you need to be informed on how to make the right choice. This write-up will help you easily pick the best full face snorkel mask for your needs. It will break down each snorkeling mask key features and any downsides if any. So here is a list of the top best snorkeling masks:

1. Seaview 180 Degree Snorkel Mask 0 0Seaview 180

It is obviously among the best full-scale snorkel mask out there.It is specifically designed to ease your breathing while enjoying the snorkeling experience. It is crafted for all ages making it a great choice for family snorkeling. It incorporates dry snorkel technology on its design that completely prevents water entering into the snorkel when submerged. It has a great range of colors to select from and is equipped with a free integrated GoPro mount.

Key features:
  • Dry snorkel technology
  • 180 degree view
  • Reduced fogging




2. Octerboon 2nd Generation Snorkel Mask

Octerboon MaskUndoubtedly among the best full-scale snorkel mask created by Tribod. It features a widely designed skirt crafted from non-toxic silicon and is flexible enough to easily fit any size and face shape.The fit also inhibits water entry into the mask.

Key features:
  • Wide skirt of the mask
  • Efficient purge valve that completely seals mask once submerged
  • Mounting bracket with standardized size mount and kit
  • Lacks high visibility
  • Only for larger size adults

3. Tribod Easybreath Snorkel Mask

This one is without a doubt a great one. Just as the name suggests, it is crafted to allow you to breathe easily and naturally underwater just like on Tribod Easybreathland.This makes it perfect for first time snorkeling experience. It features a valve that plugs the snorkel once submerged preventing water from entering into the snorkel. It includes a strong polycarbonate screen making it way safer and longer lasting than other brands. It is designed in a great range of a variety of sizes for both kids and adults alike.

Key features:
  • 180 degrees view
  • Non-fogging
  • High visibility(up to 4 times)
  • Safe and long lasting

High volume makes it not great for diving.

4. Outdoor Master 180 Degree Mask

This is a new brand that incorporates desirable qualities making it stand out from the rest.

Key features:
  • Wide breathing vent that allows sufficient air supply
  • A wider skirt that fits perfectly and provides a tight seal on a variety of heads
  • This mask is definitely a great choice for snorkeling

5. Easy Snorkel Full Face Mask

This mask is an incredible choice for snorkeling. It works exceptionally for larger size adults as well as kids making it a great choice for family snorkeling. It is particularly impressive for its technology which provides a firm seal and completely keeps out water from the snorkel even when submerged under water. It gives you the best snorkeling experience both underwater and above as its design enables a 180 degree without the fogging up that is usually caused by expired air. Its neon green color at the ends allows swimmers to be easily noticed by others, therefore, preventing collisions. You also get to select from a range of colors that it comes in!

Key features:

  • 180 degrees view

  • 2nd generation dry snorkel technology

  • Non-fogging

  • High visibility

If you are thinking of something great to do, enjoy snorkeling experience with masks which not only provide safety but also other benefits as listed below:

  • 180 degrees view

  • Non-fogging

  • Full face cover

  • Sufficient air supply

So find yourself a great snorkel mask from the review above, and you are good to go!

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