Texas Spring Break Vacation

"It's spring break and time to get out of town," so we loaded the camper, made sure the bikes were still attached to the Jeep bike rack (they've been stranded on the bike rack all winter and a tire started spinning when it overheard us talking about a vacation), and we headed south towards San Antonio for a spring break vacation.

Olympia Hills Golf Course San AntonioFirst stop was to meet my brother at Olympia Hills Golf Course just north of San Antonio. What a fantastic 18 holes of golf with a little bit of everything - dramatic elevation changes (7 holes with a drop of 50 feet or more), blind shots, big bunkers (most of which I found), risk reward opportunities, tight contoured and rolling fairways, challenging greens, and more. With all that it's not surprising that I lost a couple golf balls, took some sand from the bunkers home in my hair and shoes, and needed 2 Advil. The good news is that the little Bro had to buy a couple margaritas to pay off his golfing bets! And it was a nice warm day! Here is a link to our review of Olympia Hills Golf Course.

After a couple wrong turns and a tour of the employee parking lot at Sea World, we finally found our campground - Blazing Star RV Resort in San Antonio. We were making a few wrong turns in the campground looking for our site when a golf cart finally stopped us and asked - "you look lost, can I lead you to your site before you run out of gas?" And he led us Tacos at Z'Tejasright to the site and even helped us park the motorhome! We quickly unhooked the Jeep, hooked up the water (which proceeded to come unhooked and soak my left side!), connected the electric, and headed out to Z'Tejas to meet my Bro and his wife and my daughter and her family of 5 for dinner.

Z'Tejas is hidden in the huge gigantic sprawling Shops at La Cantera and, of course, there are no signs or security guards to give us directions and the GPS took us to a stone wall. After circling for what seemed like an hour, we finally found it. Had a great dinner and a couple too many excellent margaritas. But for the first time all day, we were able to find our way home with no wrong turns after a day of being lost.

Kids Zone at La Cantera in San AntonioLa Cantera ResortWoke up Saturday to a very cold and drizzling day which precluded the bike ride we had scheduled - the bikes were groaning again and I overheard a "we're never going to get off this rack!" While we roughed it at Blazing Star Luxury RV Resort in our motorhome, the rest of the family was enjoying the warmth and amenities of La Cantera Resort, which is one of our favorite resorts in Texas. We watched the rain dribble down the RV windows and decided to head to La Cantera and meet the kids in the Kid's Zone where we spent time making bead necklaces, playing X-box, and other kids games - not a real exciting afternoon.

Tom T Floore Country StoreWe went back to the camper to put on our cowboy boots, gloves, sweat shirts, rain jackets, and hats for the outdoor music festival at John T Floore Country Store - known by many as the birthplace of Willie Nelson. The Country Store is over 60 years old and has hosted such legendary performers as Willie Nelson, Bob Wills, Ernest Tubb, Patsy Cline, Hank Williams, Elvis Presley, Bob Dylan, Jerry Lee Lewis, Merle Haggard, Ray Price, George Jones, Waylon Jennings, Dwight Yoakam, Lyle Lovett, Robert Earl Keen, B.B. King, Little Richard and many many more. Before the music started we needed a fix of margaritas, chips, and some good Mexican food at El Chaparral just up the road from John T Floore!

Cory Morrow and Pat Green were playing at John T Floore and they are a couple of our favorites and as usual they were outstanding. Would have been a much better evening if it wasn't 45 degrees and drizzling on and off - but we put on our rain slickers and stuck it out up against the security gate at the stage. The grandson was with us at the front of the stage and Pat Green asked him "How old are you (the answer was 8) - you won't believe it but when I was 8 I saw Willie Nelson and it changed my life!" And Pat gave his new best fan his pick! Great concert.

Corry Morrow at John T FlooresPat Green

The bikes were really getting upset as Sunday turned out to be another drizzly cold day and after spending hours looking for some fun indoor activities it was time for lunch at Two Step - awarded San Antonio's "Best New Restaurant" and "Best Margaritas!" It seems that on rainy days we have a habit of finding and consuming margaritas! By the time we finished lunch and several excellent margaritas it was 3 and too late to go to Ripleys Believe It or Not or any of the other indoor San Antonio attractions! Back to the camper for a nap and some games and then to get ready for dinner.

Whales at SeaWorldTuesday it was still overcast - this had to be a record time without seeing the sun and having on and off again rain! But we dressed with multiple layers of clothes and rain jackets and headed to SeaWorld. What a fun day - the shows (particularly the Shamu show) were excellent (entertaining, funny, and amazing), the rides were exciting (the Electric Eel roller coaster was a blast), and the food and drinks were ok. When I saw the Great White Roller Coaster, I immediately volunteered to watch the grand kids and the brave-at-heart ride it - I have no desire to ride through a corkscrew (inverted no less) at 50 miles an hour. Read more about our fun day at SeaWorld San Antonio.

Wednesday the sun was finally out and it was in the high 70's and the bikes had high hopes that they might finally get off the bike rack. But we had to head north to Mo Ranch - we enjoyed a very scenic drive through some beautiful hill country up highway 16 from San Antonio to stop for lunch on the sunny patio in one of our favorite cites, Bandera - the Cowboy Capital of Texas. From there we continued north to Kerrville to Hunt and Mo Ranch. The drive from Ingram to Mo Ranch on 1340 is stunning as it twists and turns through the hill country, along and across the clear Guadalupe River, and past some nice homes, summer camps, and ranches - well worth the drive.

Mo Ranch is impressive - beautiful stone buildings, lots of fun things to do, very friendly staff, and a half mile of footage along the Guadalupe River. The grand kids (as well as us adults) had a blast: archery target practice, running a compass challenge, getting to the top of the climbing wall, zooming down the zip line, trying an element on the ropes course, shooting down the water slide, paddling canoes, making and flying some kites, winning at bingo, petting some critters, climbing up a 50' telephone pole and jumping off to try and grab a trapeze, and the very thrilling "Big Gulp" swing! Click on the link to learn more about our fun time at Mo Ranch.

scaleing the climbing wall at Mo Ranchgetting pulled up to the top to let go for a wild swingswing on the big gulp at Mo Ranchclimbing to the  telephone pole

We hated to leave Mo Ranch but it was time for some wine tasting, good food, and lots of music in another one of our favorite towns - Fredericksburg. Over two and a half days we sampled wine from 4 different wineries; dined in some good restaurants; listened to some great music at the wineries, in a couple bars, and at the dance hall in Luckenbach; and we stayed in three different RV parks. Here is a link to our Music & Wine in Fredericksburg article.

Thomas Michael Riley at Luckenbach Dance HallLuckenbach TexasGrape Creek Winery

All too soon it was time to head home and put the disappointed bikes back in the garage. I know on their first trip off the bike rack they are going to give me a flat tire when I'm 5 miles from any place to get it fixed!

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