Historic Downtown, Victoria
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It would take weeks to tell you about all the big beautiful homes that have been restored in the downtown area, many which are National Landmarks. It is well worth the time and gas just to drive around in "Old Victoria" and look at the beautiful homes and admire the workman ship from a 100 years ago.

The center of downtown is DeLeon Plaza. Dedicated for use only as a park, the block square plaza houses a charming gazebo and beautiful shade trees. At night when the trees are lit it makes a striking contrast to the old court house across the street.

Old Court House The courthouse built in 1892 in Romanesque architecture, is made of Texas granite and Indiana limestone. The old clock still strikes on the hour.

A short walk from the square will take you to St. Mary's Catholic Church at Main and Church St. Built in 1824, the workmanship inside and out is a standing tribute to the craftsmen of over 150 years ago.

The original township was a 256 block area bounded by North, south, East and West streets. This area and surrounding areas contain over 2400 historic resources. Of these, over 100 structures are listed in the National Register of Historic Places.

History of this area can be found at the McNamara House. the McNamara House was built in 1870 and houses memorabilia of Victoria's past (located at 502 N. Liberty).

Other points of interest in the downtown area are the Nave Museum, featuring works of Texas artists, the Old Mill, an old Dutch wind grist mill, Old No. 771, a steam engine that made it's last run right to Memorial Square where it is now located, Street of Ten Friends, and the Trail of Six Flags Monument (Texas was under the flags of Spain, France, Mexico, Texas the Confederacy and the Stars & Stripes.

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