Riverside Park

Riverside Park consists of 562 picturesque acres along the Guadalupe River. situated within the park is a 27-hole public golf course, an exercise trail, the Texas Zoo, the duck Pond and numerous picnic and playground facilities.

Pink Rose Softball and baseball fields abound in the northern part of the park. As you head south along the river road you'll see the Rose Garden on your left. Containing over 1000 roses it is one of only 7 accredited public rose gardens in Texas.

Across from the Rose Garden the road winds down the hill to the public boat ramp, near by is the RV park where travelers can stop and rest. Farther down the road, with the golf course on one side and the Guadalupe on the other, you'll pass many picnic areas and a playground for the kids.

The Duck Pond with it's beautiful Gazebo is abundant with friendly ducks waiting for a handout of bread. Past the Proshop at the golf course and farther down the road is Riverside Stadium, right across from the Horseman's Club.

Riverside Stadium is the home to many high school baseball games and tournaments.

The Texas Zoo is just around the corner, right near more picnic areas and a playground. As you leave the south entrance of the park you now enter "Old Victoria" with it's beautiful old homes.