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Texas Zoo

The Texas Zoo is located in Riverside Park. Established in 1976, the Texas Zoo is young and growing. This zoo's collection consists exclusively of animals indigenous to Texas and offers the only opportunity for many people to observe native Texas wildlife at close range. In 1984, the Texas Legislature recognized the zoo's unique concept and contributions to wildlife conservation by proclaiming the Texas Zoo to be "The National Zoo of Texas".

Ten different habitats ranging from humid marshes to dry desert mountains and more than 700 species of animals are found within the state. The Texas Zoo exhibits a wide variety of these fascinating animals, such as the Armadillo, River Otter, Prairie Dog, Bald Eagle and many varieties of snakes.

Many endangered species also stay at the Texas Zoo, such as the nearly non existent Red Wolf, Victoria's Texas Zoo is one of the few zoos in the world to have 2 Red Wolves and to have had litters of pups. Other endangered species you are able to view is the Ocelot, Bald Eagle, Margay, Jaguarundi, and the Coati.

Visit the official Texas Zoo site here.