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Texas Outside has been alive and well since 1996 – that’s ancient by today’s internet standards!  Texas Outside was originally developed by Lone Star Internet which is an Austin based web development company with an excellent reputation and client base. In March of 2006, we purchased Texas Outside and made a commitment to add new, exciting, and informative content on Texas outdoor activities and fun things to see and do. Today, Texas Outside has over 15,000 pages of content and is ranked the "#1 Outdoor Recreation Website in Texas" with over 100 million hits, 23 million page views, and 2.5 million unique visitors a year.

We’re passionate about Texas outside activities and since moving to Texas in 1980 we have been active participants in camping, boating, golf, hiking, biking, music festivals, exploring and vacationing in Texas, enjoying Texas nightlife, and RVing through out the Lone Star State - we just wore out our 5th RV and bought a new 42' diesel pusher and we're on our 4th boat! We average at least two fun weekend adventures per month and the plan is to document those experiences in the form of ratings, reviews, articles, and lists of fun things to see and do. So make sure you come back each month to find out what new and exciting content has been added. We hope you enjoy Texas Outside and would love your feedback, comments, ratings, reviews, and pictures.

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Here are some facts about Texas Outside:

  • An active website for over 18 years – an ion in the internet business
  • 2014 ended with over 100 million hits, 23 million page views, and 2.5 million unique visitors – an increase of 20% over 2013
  • Ranked the “#1 Outdoor Recreation Website in Texas”
  • Listed by Frommer's International Travel Guide as the "Best of Texas Online"
  • rated as "Gold Certified" and in the "Domain Hall of Fame" at GoProRanking! because Texas Outside has more visitor traffic than 99% of other websites they index
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  • Quantcast stated that Texas Outside visitors are affluent (26% earn over $100,000 and 35% earn between $60,000 to $100,000) and well educated with 64% having a college or graduate degree

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