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Best Resort Golf Courses in Texas

This page has our biased list of the best resort golf courses in Texas from all across Texas. The criteria we used to be listed as one of our favorite resort golf courses and inclusion in the list of Texas Best Golf Resort Courses is based on our playing, reviewing, and rating the resort golf course on a one to ten scale based on several criteria: condition of the fairways and greens, variety (is each hole different and unique?), challenge (the harder they are, the higher the rating), value (is the price worth it?), beauty (the more scenic, the higher the rating), and fun (is this a fun or boring course to play).

It's not fair to consider public, private, and resort courses in one category, as such, we rated each one separately and here is a link to the Best Public Courses in Texas and Best Private Courses in Texas.

Some of these resort courses are private, others are public, and most allow resort guests to play these outstanding Texas golf resort courses. Here is our Top Twenty Five Best Texas Golf Resorts.

Top 25 Best Texas Resort Golf Courses


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