Texas Safaris and Wildlife Parks Preserves

Texas is home to some great adventures, one of which are wildlife parks.  Here's our list of the best Texas Safari and Wildlife Parks, Preserves, and Tours. Visitors will be astonished by the original and innovative way of meeting, mingling, petting and seeing wildlife at any of the safari and wildlife park in Texas which offer an unsurpassed adventure in meeting wild animals and a one-of-a-kind, lasting, exciting memory in getting to know the wild. Visit one of the Texas Safari and Wildlife Parks and create you own exciting adventure. Incorporate a Texas Safari or Wildlife tour into your next family vacation.

North Texas Dallas Ft Worth Area



A family owned 95 acre safari ranch and RV Park with private guided one hour scenic tours past the hillsides and rocky outcroppings, along hardwood treed trails, and through native pastures. A great opportunity to interact with and photograph several species of exotic animals and many varieties of waterfowl in their natural habitat. Bring the RV and make it a fun weekend camping among the wildlife. Tours are available for both RV guests and the general public.

Hidden Lake RV Ranch & Safari

Glen Rose


The 1700 acres lets you interact with deer, rhinos, giraffes and other wildlife in their natural habitat. Drive through the 9 1⁄2 mile tour. You will see long distance views of savannah-like pastures, forested areas and hillsides for the animals to roam.
Fossil Rim Wildlife Park

Sharkarosa Wildlife Ranch

Pilot Point



This is a premiere exotic animal facility where they breed rare and endangered animals and supply them to zoos around the world. They provide animals for Jack Hanna shows and just filmed a Dirty Jobs episode with Mike Rowe.
Baby Dromedary Camel at Sharkarosa Ranch

North East Texas Wildlife & Safari Parks

Cherokee Trace



Nestled in the lush piney woods of East Texas, this drive-thru safari is a home to an amazing variety of wildlife. See over a dozen exotic and endangered species that thrive in an open habitat similar to their native territory. Enjoy a self-guided drive through the hills & savannahs of this 300-acre preserve.
Cherokee Trace Drive-Thru Safari

East Texas Gators & Wildlife Park

Grand Saline


The farm has gator eggs ready to hatch, baby gators and adult gators of all sizes. The alligators have stopped eating until spring...they are laying on the banks of the pond for you to get a good look!

Their duck/geese/swan pond has a covered pavilion and is perfect for a relaxing picnic.

East Texas Gator

Houston & South East Texas Wildlife & Safari Parks

Bayou Wildlife Park



Your tour on special trams takes you over the 80 acres of prairie and woods with the guide delivering an exciting and interesting talk while you feed the animals. There are 50 species of animals and birds totaling 500 in number.
Bayou Wildlife Park

Central Texas & Hill Country Safari & Wildlife Parks

Between San Antonio/New Braunfels


Wildlife Ranch offers the opportunity to view, photograph & feed species from all over the world from the comfort of your own vehicle. The oldest safari ranch in TX with 400 acres and 4 miles of exciting animals in the beautiful hill country. Read about our trip through Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch.
Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch

Exotic Resort Zoo

Johnson City

830 868-4357

A small family owned wildlife preserve with over 500 animals and 80 different species. The preserve is home to several endangered species that now have a chance to increase their numbers. As you ride on a trailer through the 137 acres hundreds of exotic animals from antelope to zebras will come up to the trailer to be feed and petted. Read about our fun experience at Exotic Resort Zoo.
Feeding a water buffalo



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