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Big Bend, Lajitas, & Terlingua

Big Bend, Lajitas, and Terlingua are excellent places to visit or vacation if your looking for good weather, lots of outdoor activities, restaurants, and lots of fun things to see and do. In the Big Bend, Lajitas, and Terlingua area you'll find white water rafting, camping, golfing, canoeing, fishing, hiking, off road trails, good nightlife, and some fun locals. What a great place to spend a few days to a few weeks - you won't run out of activities.

Check out Texas Outside's Top Ten Things To See and Do In The Big Bend Area and Big Bend Adventure Vacation


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    Big Bend, Lajitas, & Terlingua, Texas


    Resources Guide For Exploring Big Bend, Lajitas, or Terlingua

    Read about our outstanding day rafting through the majestic Santa Elena Canyon - some fun rapids, wildlife, magnificent scenery, and 1500' sheer limestone cliffs
    The oldest outfitter in the area and the place to call if you want to raft or canoe the Rio Grande or if you're interested in guided back road or hiking trips
    Wow, what a fun action packed vacation loading with lots to do in the Big Bend area -read all about it
    If you're heading to the Big Bend area, then is a list of some very fun things to see and do to add to your agenda
    A very wonderfully unique B&B in the desert of Big Bend
    Read about our adventure in Big Bend
    What a fantastic place to stay if you're visiting the area - great food, good accommodations, spa, golfing, ATV tours, bike trails, and horseback riding

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