Best Texas Zoos

How can you beat a few hours visiting the beautiful, fun, and entertaining animals at one of the best zoos in Texas. Texas is home to zoos in Dallas, Ft Worth, Tyler, Houston, Waco, Austin, and several other cities. You'll be amazed at what you can learn about all the creatures that live in the water at any of the Texas zoos. And kids with love it. Here is our growing list of the Best zoos in Texas.


Best Texas Zoos

Dallas Zoo


The Dallas Zoo was named one of the Nations "Top Ten Zoos" by USA Today and we certainly know why. While visiting the zoo this year we discovered the zoo was very well done and the animal's habitat looks like their native environments with vines, ponds, waterfalls, boulders, trees, native brush and fauna, and more. With over 2000 animals to see it was important that the grounds would be easy to navigate and at the Dallas Zoo it was. The viewing areas are spacious and afford a good view of the animals and include some very interesting facts about the inhabitants.

Read about our fun day at the Dallas Zoo .

Dallas Texas  Zoo


Cameron Park Zoo


Cameron Park is an outstanding 52 acre zoo with winding paths that lead to very well done exhibits like the: freshwater aquarium with paddlefish, reptiles, and amphibians; night building with owls, bats, raccoons, and opossums; shipwrecked Spanish galleon with salt water aquariums; the World of Reptiles; the Asian Forest, African Savanna, and the Brazos River Country. There are over 1700 animals representing 300 species on display. Read about our fun day at the Cameron Park Zoo.

Cameron Park Zoo

Ft Worth Zoo

Ft Worth

The oldest zoo in Texas, the Fort Worth Zoo was founded in 1909 with one lion, two bear cubs, an alligator, a coyote, a peacock and a few rabbits. From these humble beginnings, the Zoo has grown into a nationally ranked facility, housing nearly 7,000 native and exotic animals. Besides all these animals, the Ft Worth Zoo is home to many other attractions, such as, Safari Splash, Tasmanian Tower, Outdoor Learning Theater, Yellow Rose Train, Country Carousel, Texas Wild, Play Barn, Wild West Shooting Gallery, Swinging Swamp Bridge, and more.

Ft Worth Zoo


Caldwell Zoo


Caldwell Zoo is cherished by the people of east Texas and beyond as a beautiful, fun place for children and adults to learn about wildlife - a place made possible by D.K. Caldwell. in 1937, Mr. Caldwell opened a Child Development Laboratory at his home. The playschool - complete with parrots, monkeys, squirrels and more - was a huge hit that soon grew to host a variety of animals. Today the zoo sits on 85 beautiful acres in Tyler, Texas, Caldwell Zoo has more than 3,400 animals to amaze and educate your whole family.

Caldwell Zoo in Tyler


Houston Zoo


The Houston Zoo has over 6,000 permanent residents (their animals) for whom their provide housing, meals, medical care and, yes, even education! There are over 2 million guests each year who come to experience the incredible variety of animals and ecosystems. The zoo has overĀ 6,000 permanent residents (our animals) for whom they provide housing, meals, medical care and, yes, even education!

Houston Zoo


Austin Zoo


Austin Zoo began as a goat ranch in 1990 and became known as Good Day Ranch, taking in primarily goats, pigs, fallow deer, donkeys and ponies who needed a home. By the year 1994 the ranch had grown and included a number of exotic animals. The Good Day Ranch officially became Austin Zoo and their primary goal is to assist animals in need through rescue, rehabilitation and education. The zoo currently has over 300 animals, representing more than 100 different species. Our animal collection includes animals from other facilities that are being retired due to age, health or other issues.

Austin Zoo

Gladys Porter Zoo


The Gladys Porter Zoo is outstanding with over 377 species of animals (around 1600 animals) and 225 species of plants spread out over 31 acres. You'll find several varieties of monkeys, lions, giraffe, bear, rhinos, camels, and lots of other rare and endangered species. Plus there is a petting zoo, a unique children's playground, a herpetarium, a couple walk-through aviaries, an Aquatic Ecology Center, stingray touch tank, and food to feed the birds and giraffes as well as six different places for humans to fill up with fluids and good food. And the natural large habits are fantastic and seem to make the animals very happy! Read more about our visit to this outstanding zoo.

Stingray at the zoo




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