Texas Sky Diving, Parasailing, Hang Gliding, & More Airborne Fun

Get high on a thrilling airborne adventure. If you're not a afraid of heights, like panoramic views, and fun new adventures then try Texas Sky Diving, Parasailing, Hang Gliding, Soaring, Airplane Rides, Helicopter Rides, or Hot Air Ballooning or several other airborne adventures. Texas offers all of these airborne adventures and you've got to experience at least two of them in your lifetime. If you're afraid of heights, any of these is a great way to get over it and have a blast.


Texas Airborne Adventures

Texas Hot Air Balloon Rides & Adventures
Up, up, and away - what a fantastic way to view rural farms, gently rolling landscapes, or the country charm of small north Texas towns. You're likely to see wildlife like deer, hawks, and rabbits in their natural environment.
Texas Parasailing
You can have an exciting adventure whether you are sailing over beautiful lakes, dolphin swimming below you, views of South Padre Island, the Gulf of Mexico, and watching beautiful sunsets. You can choose to fly alone or with a friend to experience the views, tranquility and excitement of parasailing.
Texas Paragliding

Read articles to acquaint yourself with this exciting sport, or take a flight and soar for hours with one of the Paragliding companies over beautiful lake or over a mountain top.
Texas Flyboarding
Learn all about this exciting new water sport where you can do flips in the air or dive into the water below you.
Texas Hang Gliding
Whether you are looking for a thrilling ride, lessons, equipment, clubs, or just information, you can find it here.
Texas Soaring
Learn from those who have studied these amazing motorless flying machines. You can take a flight or join one of the clubs dedicated to these sailplanes.
Skydiving In Texas
Put this exciting adventure on your bucket list and have an experience of a lifetime that you can brag to your friends about for years to come.
Texas Powered Parachute Rides
Be the first one to try out this incredible new sport thats attracting so many. Feel the thrill of flying from 20' to 1000' in this fun machine.
Texas Airplane Rides
Whether you are on a WWII bomber or a modern jet, this is always a thrill for young and old. Give it as a gift to a friend or save it for yourself.
Texas Helicopter Rides
Not everyone has an opportunity to fly vertically or horizonally or just hover over the Texas countryside.




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